Green Impact of Coach Holidays

Were you aware that coaches are among the cleanest and greenest vehicles on Britain’s roads and they leave the smallest carbon footprint of any transport method?

Coach holidays are not just fun, affordable and stress-free; they are one of the greenest holiday transport methods.

A coach can travel 146,000 passenger-kilometres for every tonne of CO2 emitted, whereas a car can only travel 26,000 passenger-kilometres, meaning that CO2 emissions from coaches are a staggering 6 times lower than car travel per passenger-kilometre. Coach travel emissions are also 1.5 times lower than rail travel and 5 times lower than air travel per passenger-kilometre.

A 15% increase in coach passenger journeys by British people each year could lead to approximately 47 million fewer cars on the road, saving over a quarter of a million tonnes of carbon dioxide and significantly reducing congestion on our roads. Just one full coach could remove 50 cars from Britain’s roads and remove a mile of congestion!

Coaches are part of the solution to the problem of climate change and choosing a holiday by coach is not just convenient and affordable, it also means you are taking a step on the journey towards net zero.