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Anyone who loves travelling and exploring is sure to enjoy one of our coach holidays and tours to Scandinavia and the Nordic region, including Finland and its beautiful capital Helsinki, known as “the white city of the north”, because many of its buildings are constructed of a locally produced light-coloured granite. Weather-wise, Finland is very unusual, as during the summer, the sun does not set at all in the northernmost parts of the country – hence its nickname “Land of the Midnight Sun”. In the winter, the sun disappears entirely but the bright snow, the moon and the stars, and, maybe even, the Northern Lights, create a wonderous, magical atmosphere – especially if you’re inside a glass igloo!

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We offer great touring holidays through the countries of Northern Europe, including Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. So if you decided to discover the Land of Midnight Sun, just use our search to find available coach and air tours to Finland. We also offer discounts on most touring holidays in Europe, so have a look at our offers, give us a call and we will happily book it for you.


Enjoy endless summer days and snowy winter nights in the capital of Finland that lies on the Baltic coast surrounded by hundreds of islands. And where modern architecture, bridges and harbours nicely blend into the stunning surrounding nature. Many buildings in Helsinki are made from white granite, so it is often called “the white city of the north.


Learn the origins of Santa Claus, as you visit Lapland and the resort of Rovaniemi. Located on the Arctic Circle Rovaniemi is the official home town of Santa.

Northern Lights

The Aurora Borealis can be viewed from the northern part of Finland. And it is usually visible from the late summer to the middle of the spring. All you need is just the right spot and the right time based on the local forecast.

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