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Attractions and Interests around Granada

Granada is a city in southern Spain’s Andalusia region, renowned for its many examples of Moorish, medieval architecture dating back more than 700 years. The stunning hilltop fortress of Alhambra, made up of a number of palaces, gardens and courtyards, is the most famous of Granada’s attractions and is a marvellous testament to its Moorish heritage. Other places of interest include the 16th century Granada Cathedral, the Royal Chapel and the Albayzin district where its stunning architecture emphasises its Arabian past.

As well as its fascinating history and architecture, Granada offers visitors the chance to enjoy its vibrant and lively street life or perhaps go skiing on the nearby Sierra Nevada. Or take a guided tour to the stunning hilltop fortress of Alhambra, the palace dating back to the Moorish kingdom.

Generalife Gardens Granada

First thing you want to see in Granada is the Alhambra Palace. This Arabesque palace and fortress was constructed during the 14th century and now it is one of the most visited sites in Europe. It is highly recommended to take a guided tour of the vast Alhambra complex and it is advised to book entry tickets in advance when booking an escorted tour of Spain.

The Generalife was the summer palace for Sultan of Granada and it is part of the Alhambra complex. Gardens, fountains, architecture – everything is amazing about that unique landmark.

Albayzin is a district of Granada that retains the narrow winding streets and architecture of its Arabian past. Enjoy walking along the scenic walkways looking for good views of the Alhambra and Sierra Nevada. But for the most spectacular views, you can go to the Mirador de San Nicolas. This is the most famous viewpoint to watch the sunset over the town and the mountains.

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