Travel with Titan you enjoy the holiday of a lifetime every time. They continue to make every effort to ensure that every individual aspect of your holiday has been carefully considered to deliver the best ratio of quality and value, providing complete peace of mind and yet still satisfying the most adventurous travel spirit.

About Titan

Why Titan is Number One for Escorted Tours & Cruises

Titan will never compromise on quality. The expert planning, choice of hotels and transportation methods, included excursions and the services of an expert Titan tour manager can really enhance your appreciation of a destination and transform an ordinary holiday into a truly inspiring one.

Included Excursions

Titan don't believe that their holidaymakers should pay extra for optional excursions to experience what are obviously the most important attractions of a country or region. You get much better value if they are included from the start. Unless otherwise stated, every visit mentioned in the tour itinerary is included in the cost of your holiday.

Exceptional Value

Quality often comes with a price tag and, indeed, Titan has never striven to be the cheapest tour operator. What you get with them though is unparalleled value for money, with a host of inclusions as standard and a range of exclusive offers and discounts.

Included on Every Titan Holiday:

Guaranteed No Fuel Surcharges

With the price of fuel seemingly increasing all the time, it is comforting to know that, in 35 years, Titan has never added fuel surcharges to the cost of your holiday, even if it ends up costing them more. Once you have paid a deposit for your holiday, the price is protected and they guarantee it will not be subject to any supplements or surcharges.

Departure Points

Titan provide Nnationwide departures throughout England and Wales.