Christmas Markets in France

France Christmas Market 2020

Start the Christmas festivities with a coach trip to a Christmas Market in France. We have a number of great offers to Christmas Markets in France. Our destinations include: Lille, Paris, Strasbourg and Metz, as well as multi centre Christmas Market coach tours that sample more than 1 of the French Christmas Markets. Christmas Market coach tours to France can be combined with other European destinations such as the German Christmas Markets and Belgium Christmas Markets. We also have a selection of French Christmas Market tours travelling by Eurostar.

France Christmas Markets - Overview

A short hop over the channel makes a coach trip to the christmas markets in northern France quick and easy. The biggest christmas market in northern France is in Amiens but the markets in Lille and Paris prove ever popular. Tours that take in both France and Belgium are also well worth considering when choosing your Christmas Market break this winter.

Lille Christmas Market 2020

Christmas Market in Lille

Lille's month long Christmas Market attracts many visitors from surrounding areas in France and Britain, due to the Eurostar link. The festivities are held in the centre of Lille - Place Rihour. The town is adorned in lights and decorations and the Christmas Market has over 80 chalets of stalls; the festive spirit encapsulates any visitor to Lille during the Advent season.The Christmas Market offers arts, crafts and local French cuisine as well entertainment for those with children, theatre and games. Some highlights include a Father Christmas dramatic sketch every Saturday in December of when he falls from the 80 metre belfry, the Ferris (Big) wheel at Grand Place offering a magnificent view of Lille and on the last Saturday before Christmas an orchestra of 450 tubas entertain the crowds with Christmas carols. Plenty of mulled wine, French delicacies and Christmas shopping will ensure you have an amazing time during your visit. Use the search form on the left to find Lille Christmas Market trips or give us a call and our experienced coach holiday advisers will help you find a suitable tour or holiday.

Paris Christmas Markets 2020

Christmas Market in Paris

The Paris Christmas Markets are an ideal excuse to visit Paris during the festive period. The twinkling lights along the Siene, the elaborately decorated department stores and shopping areas make Paris a spectacular sight to see during this time of year. There are several Christmas Markets in Paris, offering local gastronomic specialities to traditional arts and handicrafts. The main Christmas Markets are located in the Champs Elysées, in the 6th arrondissement at Saint Germain des Prés and at St Sulpice. There are also many other markets in and around Paris: Montparnasse, the Gare de l'Est, the Place de la Nation and more. Meander through the city shops and Christmas Markets whilst taking in the atmosphere as you admire the lights (at Champs Elysées), decorations (Boulevard Haussmann area) and iconic sights of this truly magnificent city. Use the search form on the left to find coach holidays to the Paris Christmas Markets or give us a call and our experienced coach holiday advisers will help you find a suitable tour or holiday to the Christmas Markets in Paris and other areas of France.

Strasbourg Christmas Market 2020

Christmas Market in Strasbourg

Since 1570 Strasbourg has held its Christmas Market known as the 'Christkindelsmärik' and is the oldest in France. The streets are filled with mouth-watering aromas of spices and cinnamon. The market offers arts, crafts and Christmas decorations. Filled with lights, decorations and Christmas spirit this German styled market is one of the biggest and interesting in France as it specialises in hand made decorations and Christmas designs. There is music, plenty of food and drink to try, carriage rides and of course shopping!

Colmar Christmas Market

Christmas Market in Colmar

Colmar's Christmas Market is held in the Old Town in 5 various venues: Petite Venise for children, Place des Dominicains, Place de l'Ancienne Douane, Place Jeanne d'Arc and the Koifhus. This Christmas Market is said to be one of the most unusual. It is beautifully adorned with lights, which are turned on by a local celebrity. As tradition goes four weeks before Christmas, candles are attached to branches of holly and fir and are lit, as a symbol to protect the people from evil spells. With a choice of five markets to visit, everyone will leave satisfied.

Amiens Christmas Market 2020

Christmas Market in Amiens

The Amiens Christmas Market is the biggest in northern France. The town centre is transformed into a Christmas Alpine scene with pedestrianised streets, chalets and stalls all tastefully decorated with Christmas trees and lights. The Christmas Market offers produce and goods from the Picardy region. You will also find fine crystal, organic clothing, tempting Beauvais chocolate tuiles, Marne Valley Champagne and home-made ciders, Amiens macaroons and marrons glacés, as well as other mouth-watering delicacies. There are plenty of gift ideas and souvenirs to take back a piece of French culture with you. Enjoy carol singing and shows whilst meandering through the market and why not take the children to get stuck into some festive activities. Notre Dame d'Amiens is the majestic Gothic cathedral and is a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1981. You may also have the opportunity to view the cathedral in its original colours using new projection technology created by Skertzó. Where over time the once brightly painted stone has faded, at the 'Cathedral in Colours' event you will be able to see it in its once medieval glory. Use the search form on the left to find Amiens Christmas Market trips or give us a call and our experienced coach holiday advisers will help you find a suitable tour or holiday to the Christmas Markets in France.

Metz Christmas Market 2020

Christmas Market in Metz

The city of Metz has been home to its superb Christmas Market for the last 15 years. Year on year the city aims to supersede the former year. The stalls line the city square, filling the air with aromas of mulled wine roasted chestnuts and gingerbread. The Esplanade and medieval arcades of Place St Louis are full of Christmas buzz at this time of year. With almost 100 wooden cottages and stalls expect an array of seasonal and artisan gifts: fabrics, ceramics, jewellery, handicrafts, art and more. There are plenty of activities aside from shopping: wooden horse carousel ride, a visit to the Santa Claus village, steam train ride and more. During the month of December Metz is an enchanting place to be, may the lights dazzle you and all your Christmas wishes come true. Use the search form on the left to find Metz Christmas Market coach trips or give us a call and our experienced coach holiday advisers will help you find a suitable tour or holiday to the Christmas Markets in France.

Montbeliard Christmas Market 2020

This Christmas Market is held outside the 17th century church - Saint Martin. The region was once a German principality, which is reflected in its festive traditions. Montbeliard annually holds their Christmas Festival of Lights when night falls the town is illuminated with thousands of lights. The Christmas Market is filled with lights, sights and flavour, where you can be mesmerised sipping on a mug of mulled wine whilst nibbling on gingerbread. Each year there is a guest culture added too, where another culture's cuisine, art and heritage is also part of the attractions. Little children and big kids at heart will also find plenty to do at workshops ran by Little Elves, Santa handing out gifts and the opportunity to make lanterns, biscuits and crowns. There are also sleigh rides, warm wine tasting and much more. Expect to have a truly magically festive time during your stay!

Mulhouse Christmas Market 2020

Mulhouse's Christmas Market is set in the historic centre of the city in Place de la Réunion. The stalls are bursting with local cheeses, foie gras, gingerbread, handicrafts and much, much more. As well as local delicacies, the market offers many festive activities and events including a children's workshop, tours of Mulhouse and various other concerts and performances. As a symbol from their past, part of the Mulhouse festivities include the creation of a new fabric featuring golden garlands and fireflies to decorate the chalets of the Christmas Market. To see some of the history take a trip to the Museum of Printed Fabrics and learn about the industrial past of this wonderful place. The museum will leave you dreaming of cashmere, silk and decorations. Enjoy this authentically French Christmas Market!

Toulouse Christmas Market

Place du Capitole becomes home to the Toulouse Christmas Market every December. It is a feast of local specialities such as cakes, foie gras, preserves and much more. It wouldn't be a Christmas Market without plenty of mulled wine available at the chalet-bars. You will be spoilt for choice of gift ideas: pottery, toys, candles, clothing, leather good and much more. The traditional Provencal nativity scene and Henri IV courtyard are marvellous sights as you stroll through Toulouse under the Christmas lights. You might be lucky enough to bump into Father Christmas handing out treats to children and may even get a chance to take a picture with him.

Reims Christmas Market 2020

Reims (Champagne) erects 110 chalets at Place d'Erlon and along the Condorcet and Théodore Dubois streets during the Advent season. It is accompanied by a number of festivities including parades and concerts. There may also be bi-weekly live jazz performances. A special visit from St Nicholas is awaited eagerly by the children of Reims usually on the 6th of December (you can always visit Father Christmas in his chalet if you miss it!).

Montélimar (Rhône-Alpes) Christmas Market

Discover the magic and delight of a provincial Christmas. Montélimar, capital of the nougat, hosts a warm, welcoming Christmas Market. Stock up on local artwork and specialties to decorate and enhance your holiday dinner table, such as ceramics, candles, Montélimar nougat, foie gras, and tapenades. Complete your holiday shopping here with such great gift ideas as glass and wood works, jewelry and local fashions. For fun activities, take the kids to visit Santa and to drop their Christmas wish list in his giant box. Take them on a ride on the Christmas train and for a whirl on the carousel. There will also be educational workshops designed for children. Use the search form on the left to find Montélimar Christmas Market trips or give us a call and our experienced coach holiday advisers will help you find a suitable tour or holiday to the Christmas Markets in France.

The Montpellier Christmas Market 2020

The Montpellier Christmas Market will takes place in the Place de la Comedie. Spreading the length of the Esplanade Charles de Gaulle you can expect to shop until you're ready to drop at this Christmas market! Indulge in festive fun, good cheer, artisan gifts galore; and not forgetting the delicious culinary delights available. All this with not a chalet in site, instead this Christmas market stays true to its roots using cabins made of timber and reeds representing the style of the Camargue cowboys. Wines, perfumes, handmade lace, chocolates, scented candles, meats and cheeses and the all important knitted jumpers and more. Montpellier Christmas Market boasts products made with love. Experience the Montpellier Christmas Market to find out more. Use the search form on the left to find Montpellier Christmas Market trips or give us a call and our experienced coach holiday advisers will help you find a suitable tour or holiday to the Christmas Markets in France.

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