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Escape from the daily routine with our best coach holidays to Channel Islands 2019. Coach holidays to Jersey and Guernsey with air and sea links are available to book with us at low prices.

Jersey Pallace


About Holidays to Jersey

Under an hour's flight away, it's at our doorstep with 27 beaches, beautiful weather, famous Jersey cows, water sports and a mixture of English and French influences alongside its Norman heritage and WW2 German occupation, making it a suitable destination for anyone.

Jerseys Trails

Although only 9 miles long and 5 miles wide, there is plenty to do on this island. For those who enjoy adventures, there are plenty of walking trails and tours to explore the island or if you prefer you can cycle instead. Jersey has special 'Green Lanes' covering 50 miles, where pedestrians and cyclists take priority and 15mph zones including a cycle network covering 96 miles.

Gardens and Parks

Green Fingered folk will love Jersey especially during the Bloom week in June and the Battle of the Flowers in August. There are plenty of public gardens all over the island such as the Jersey Lavender Farm in St Brelade, Cookes' Roses in St Lawrence, Judith Quérée's Garden in St Ouen, Samarès Manor in St Clement and many others. Some green fingered residents have also opened up their gardens to the public and donate all proceeds to charity.


To learn more about Jersey's history and heritage, there are a number of places that give you the opportunity to do so. At the Jersey War Tunnels and the Channel Islands Military Museum you'll find evidence of the German Occupation of the island during the Second World War. Elizabeth Castle in St Aubin's Bay and Mount Orgueil in St Martin is where history comes alive! There you will find re-enactments and exhibitions of life during battle.

Activities and Sports

For all you amphibians, there are plenty of aqua activities such as kayaking, scuba diving, surfing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, coasteering and more. For thrill seekers, you can skydive, do a parachute jump, blokart, abseil or rock climb.


Jersey is an island filled with endless possibilities, including arts and crafts such as pottery and can even make your own jewellery at Fish 'n' Beads in St. Brelade's Bay. A visit to the Marilyn Monroe exhibition, the Opera House or to the theatre and maybe taking a peek at the music festivals will make for a holiday packed with the arts. In addition, thenightlife in St Helier is very vibrant and should be experienced by all of its visitors.

Mont Orgueil Castle

Mont Orgueil Castle, Jersey

Liberation Square

Liberation Square, Jersey

Gorey Castle

Gorey Castle, Jersey

Corbiere Lighthouse

Corbiere Lighthouse, Jersey

Top Attractions in Jersey

Top Beaches in Jersey

Guernsey View


About Holidays to Guernsey

Guernsey is the second largest of the Channel Islands and is a great destination with lots of attractions and things to do. And no matter what time of the year you decide to visit it, the island won’t disappoint.

Guernsey is a unique place, even though it is only a short journey from the UK, its atmosphere couldn't be any further from our busy and fast everyday life. Therefore Guernsey holidays are always about relaxing within its peaceful environment full of natural beauty!

From its dramatic cliff views and glorious sandy bays, to rolling pastures and green valleys, Napoleonic sea defences and reminders of the German occupation – every corner of Guernsey is a surprise full of interesting stories.

Castle Cornet

Castle Cornet, Guernsey

Guernsey Coast

Coast, Guernsey

Little Chapel

Little Chapel, Guernsey

St. Peter Port

St. Peter Port, Guernsey

Top Attractions in Jersey

Top Beaches in Jersey

Belvoir Bay

Belvoir Bay, Herm

Shell Beach

Shell Beach, Herm


Jethou, Herm

Shell Beach

Shell Beach, Herm


Enjoy the tranquillity and unspoilt beauty of Herm Island, this place has no cars, no crowds only peacefulness and nature. The only way to arrive on Herm Island is by boat from the nearest port in Guernsey. For many people, a trip to Herm is an escape from the day-to-day demands of modern living. It is the perfect place to stay for a truly relaxing holiday, exploring beautiful and unspoilt beaches.

Coastline of Sark

Coastline, Sark

Sark Carriages

Sark Carts, Channel Islands

La Coupee

La Coupee, Sark


lighthouse, Sark

Isle of Sark

Step back in time during your memorable holidays on the truly unique Island of Sark, the crown jewel of the Channel Islands. There are no cars on the roads so you can really enjoy the dramatic views and peaceful atmosphere with no noise and need to rush. The only transport you can expect there are bicycles and horse-drawn carriages. One of the most spectacular sights in Sark is dramatic causeway (La Coupée) that joins the main island with Little Sark. Another really amazing thing in Sark are the night skies. The island is the perfect place for stargazing because there are so little bright lights, you can easily see the wonderful display of stars above Sark.

Sark is less than hour boat trip from Guernsey, however ferries to Sark are less frequent than to Herm so make sure to plan you journey in advance.

Whenever you choose a coach holiday to Channel Islands you are sure to see many sights and attractions around. If you cannot find a suitable coach holidays to Jersey or Guernsey contact us and let our experienced travel agents help you find your perfect coach holiday to Channel Islands

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