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Book great value coach trips to Alnwick and Northumberland. Visit Alnwick Castle and sea the wonderful Northumbria coast.

More about Alnwick

Alnwick Castle, England

This stretch of the Northumberland coast is an area of outstanding natural beauty and is a home for grey seals, dune flowers, over-wintering birds and summer seabird colonies.

Picturesque Alnwick is situated in the centre of Northumberland and the district of Alnwick covers a third of the Northumberland National Park. It is now known as one of the most picturesque market towns in England but is probably best known for its stunning castle, Alnwick Castle. Coach holidays to Alnwick provide the opportunity to visit a wide range of attractions and places of interest.

Top Things to do in Alnwick

  • Alnwick Castle
    This is the most popular landmark in Alnwick. The castle is a fascinating place to visit, and with so much to do and learn it's a great day out for all ages. There is a variety of refreshment options, shopping, activities for kids, history, art and not forgetting the breathtaking scenery.

  • Alnwick Garden
    The Alnwick Gardens have a wide range of flowers and plants with a fascinating range of spaces with a variety of themes. Some of the main features are the Ornamental Garden , Serpent Garden , and Rose Garden and the Labyrinth bamboo maze that will surely confuse the smartest visitors.

  • Alnwick Market Town
    Alnwick markets have been happening for more than 100 years. Alnwick hosts a regular Saturday market, and between March and Christmas there is also a Thursday market. The markets always have a friendly and relaxed atmosphere to be enjoyed by both locals and visitors.

  • Barter Book Store
    Barter Books is the only library in Britain for second hand books and has a wide range of every kind of book. There is also a shop that has a play area for kids, refreshments and a model railway, as well as other seasonal features such as open fires in the colder months.

  • The Bailiffgate Museum and Gallery
    The Bailiffgate Museum brings life to the history of Alnwick and the surrounding areas of North Northumberland in a lively, interactive style, through an exploration of six different themes

  • The Bakehouse Gallery
    Housed in what was once the old town bakery, the Bakehouse Gallery offers visitors a deceptively large space in which to view the work of many local artists and designers. It is a tranquil art gallery with high quality pieces of artwork just waiting to be viewed by the public.

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