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The Rabac Hotel Flower Complex (Rabac) - 3 Star

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The "Flower Complex" hotels are situated in Rabac, once a small fishing village. Rabac is considered to be one of the most beautiful Istrian bays and has fully deserved a flattering name of "The Pearl of the Kvarner Bay".

Owing to its string of white pebbled beaches, lush Mediterranean vegetation and its crystal clear turquoise sea, it was given the name of "The pearl of the Adriatic". Whilst it is the ideal place for family holidays during the summer months, it also offers in Spring and Autumn a wide range of activities for the sports-minded as well as tranquility for the older visitor. An oasis of peace for the soul and the body, Rabac looks fabulous viewed from the land, the sea or the sky. Rarely has Mother Nature been so generous with her gifts. On both sides of Rabac Bay you will be able to discover an abundance of delightful coves and inlets. To reach them, just follow the footpaths along the sea and through the aromatic scent of the surrounding vegetation.

On the hill that dominates Rabac is situated the medieval Labin: one rare harmony of architectonic wealth and historical-cultural monuments. After a walk through the narrow streets of the Old Town, visit the Town Museum with its archaeological and ethnological collections and, unique in this part of Europe, a miniature coal mine. Have a look at the Memorial collection of Matthias Flacius Illyricus (reformer and collaborator of Martin Luther), peek into the art ateliers, enjoy the view of Rabac and Cres island from the Fortica. Rabac and Labin are the right choice for anyone seeking an amazing combination of unspoilt nature and rich historical and cultural heritage.

The complex stretches over 200.000 square metres of the lush Mediterranean vegetation including the whole Maslinica bay. It consists of three hotels: Mimosa, Hedera and Narcis, all facing directly the crystal clear sea waters of the bay. The favourable position of the hotels enables to take numerous excursions to the cultural sites, to enjoy the vast sports and recreational offer or simply to relax in the "Wellness centre", while children can amuse themselves in "Miniclub".


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